El Centro de la Raza

Mission: As an organization grounded in the Latino community, the mission of El Centro de la Raza is to build unity across all racial and economic sectors, to organize, empower, and defend our most vulnerable and marginalized populations and to bring justice, dignity, equality, and freedom to all the peoples of the world.

Category: Human Rights

El Centro de la Raza is a voice and a hub for Seattle and Martin Luther King, Jr. County’s Latino community working to achieve social justice. Through comprehensive programs and services, El Centro de la Raza empowers members of the Latino community as fully participating members of society. El Centro de la Raza also works to raise awareness with the general public, and government, business and civic leaders about the needs of the Chicano/Latino community in the United States.

El Centro de la Raza has a strong commitment to the struggle for civil rights for all persons, regardless of race, and a rich history of services to the community. Many program participants come back to El Centro de la Raza to join advocacy efforts, to volunteer, or just to visit. Along local work, El Centro de la Raza maintains an international perspective and connections and continue to work for positive social change in the global community.

Events We Have Partnered On:
Neighborhood Expo - April 6, 2016

Other Ways to Get Involved:

Assist with Tamale Classes - Taught by a master tamalera, their tamale classes are an important fundraiser for El Centro de la Raza. 
La Cocina Popular - every Monday-Friday, the Hot Meal Program serves free, nutritious lunches to individuals in a diverse community setting. Volunteers help check-in participants, do intake on new participants, communicate basic rules to the new participants, and chat with people while they wait for their meal. Should be proficient in Spanish and comfortable working with men and the homeless community.

Food Bank Assistance- their food bank is in need of regular daytime volunteers to keep things running smoothly. Volunteers help unload deliveries, distribute food to participants as they come into the Food Bank, and occasionally assist with portioning out produce and canned items. Multilingualism is definitely an asset here!

Marketing Help - Support El Centro de la Raza by helping them spread the word about their Christmas Tree Sales, Spanish Classes, Tamale Classes, and more. They are looking for creative, outgoing volunteers to help raise awareness of these important fundraisers for El Centro de la Raza's 44 programs and services.