How to Satisfy Your Green Thumb in Seattle

How to Satisfy Your Green Thumb in Seattle

One of the great things about the Greater Seattle Area is the beautiful blend you get between the city and the great outdoors. Which is why it comes as no surprise that many of us are excited about the idea of bringing some of that nature a little closer to us by growing our own herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Luckily, having a green thumb in the city has never been easier - whether you choose a community or home garden or borrow someone else’s by u-picking or volunteering, there is a perfect urban garden for you.

The Women’s March – A New Community Center

What has always moved me about the various marches I’ve attended in Seattle, is the sense of community. While initially a march might seem representative of negative emotions – frustration, anger, disappointment, injustice – when you’re actually in the sea of others who are frustrated too, you are reminded that you are not alone.  That while even the people walking right next to you might have differing beliefs, ideas, politics, and backgrounds, most are inherently good.


Best Places to Read a Book in Seattle This Winter

If you’re willing to venture out of your house, you’ll find Seattle has some places that’ll make you feel just as cozy outside of your home as you would inside. And of course, these places are great for doing one of the best activities possible during winter: reading a good book. So, grab a book and try instead heading outside of your home to experience a cozier, comfier, Seattle in the winter. Leave the rain and snow outside, and warm up at these places!