The Women’s March – A New Community Center

What has always moved me about the various marches I’ve attended in Seattle, is the sense of community. While initially a march might seem representative of negative emotions – frustration, anger, disappointment, injustice – when you’re actually in the sea of others who are frustrated too, you are reminded that you are not alone.  That while even the people walking right next to you might have differing beliefs, ideas, politics, and backgrounds, most are inherently good.


Best Places to Read a Book in Seattle This Winter

If you’re willing to venture out of your house, you’ll find Seattle has some places that’ll make you feel just as cozy outside of your home as you would inside. And of course, these places are great for doing one of the best activities possible during winter: reading a good book. So, grab a book and try instead heading outside of your home to experience a cozier, comfier, Seattle in the winter. Leave the rain and snow outside, and warm up at these places!

This Week in Fun - October 9-15

Two weeks into October and fall fever is still hitting us hard, and the fun things to do this season are in full-swing. No need to wonder what to put on your itinerary this week – we’ve got you covered. Between three (yes three) fall-themed food festivals, an epic adventure with friends, a haunted house, and an early 2000s dance party, we think we’ve got you covered.

Your Seattle Area Guide to Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, and Haunted Houses

Corn Maze

Does the beginning of fall make you nostalgic? Does the crisp air combined with cloudy skies and shorter days take you back to Octobers when fall meant a weekend trip to the farm to spend hours searching for the best pumpkin? Do you remember wandering through corn stalks towering over you like giants as you searched for a way out? Perhaps it makes you excited at the prospect of the unknown, perhaps the potential to be frightened at any moment makes your heart beat faster…

Well, if that’s the case, allow us to help you out. This fall, you have tons ways to relive some of your nostalgic memories, and we think taking part in some traditional fall fun is just the way to do it. Forget the grocery store – choose your pumpkin from hundreds of others at a patch. While you’re there, see how long it’ll take you to get through a tricky corn maze, and step foot into a haunted house… if you dare. Welcome to your guide on where to go to begin your nostalgic fall experience!

Key: PP = pumpkin patch, CM = corn maze, HCM= haunted corn maze, HH=haunted house, NA=Nighttime Activities

Carleton Farm – (PP, CM, HCM, NA, Lake Stevens) Let’s say you want the full experience – pumpkin patch, corn maze, and all the scares, and you aren’t opposed to going for a little excursion out of the city. Well then, Carleton Farm fits the bill. Not only do they have a pumpkin patch with a large range of pumpkin sizes, a corn maze with a detective-style twist, and an option of doing a no-scare night time corn maze, the farm also offers several spooky activities. These include a Zombie Paintball Wagon Ride, a Haunted Swamp, and a Zombie Farm. If you’re not so keen on the nighttime activities, there’s still more to do in the daytime, such as zip-lining, firing a pumpkin cannon (yeah, really), and of course, getting to eat plenty of seasonal food to satiate your appetite. What could be better?


Carpinito Brothers – (PP, CM, Kent) A farm relatively close to the city, Carpinito Brother’s boasts a large pumpkin patch, and corn mazes that can be particularly tricky. You can also take a tour of the farm on one of their hayrides, and while you won’t find any nighttime fright type activities at this farm, you will have a chance to pick up all the fresh seasonal fruits and veggies you like at their market and store, and for reasonable prices too. And for those with kids, the farm fun yard is sure to be a draw for the little ones.

Georgetown Morgue – (HH, Seattle) For those who don’t want to stray too far, we think you’ll dig the Georgetown Morgue. Located in Seattle, in what used to be an actual morgue, and with stories of unsolved crime and horror that will send shivers down your spine, we’re sure this is a choice that many will enjoy. While the actual time spent in the haunted house is a little on the shorter side, once you’re through, you’ll have all of Georgetown to explore. So go grab food and drinks with friends afterwards, and see how long it takes to get your racing heart to slow down.


Maris Farms – (PP, CM, HCM, NA, Buckley) Maris Farms is popular, and it’s easy to see why. Any fall activity you can think of, no matter how wacky, they’ve probably got it here. Pig and duck races, monster truck rides, mechanical bull riding, a zombie old west gallery and more await you at Maris Farms. And if you want to take a peak of the farm at night, you’ve got that option too. Choose either a flashlight, no-haunt corn maze, or venture into their haunted wood…and good luck making it out. Come for the pumpkin patch and corn maze, stay for all the other crazy fun experiences there are to have at this farm.


Fright Factory – (HH, Buckley) Think you’re really the bravest person you know? Feeling really courageous? All right, then why not see how you’ll hold up at this haunted house? Fright Factory is top rated, and for good reason. This is not for the faint of heart. Enter with caution and see how long you can make it before you scream and begin to run. And if terror makes you hungry, never fear – they’ve got snacks and food trucks waiting for you afterwards.

Thomas Family Farms & Nightmare on 9  – (PP, CM, HCM, HH, Snohomish) By day, this is known as Thomas Family Farms where you can find your perfect pumpkin, navigate your way through a corn maze, take a ride on the Pro Karts or monster trucks, and shoot apples through a cannon at 200mph+. At night, the farm transforms. Take part in the flashlight corn maze, stopping at the firepit halfway through (or renting out your own private pit), to warm up and have concessions. Or, if you think you’re up for it, see if you can survive the Nightmare on 9 Haunted House. But be warned… you will scream. The choice is yours.

Stalker Farms – (CM, HCM, HH Snohomish) A bit of a twist on your regular haunted house, this haunted attraction makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a horror movie, in the best way possible. You can choose between a non-scare corn maze in the dark, or two unique haunted attractions. And while you’re there, you’ll also get a chance to use the jumping pillow, an apple blaster, shoot paintballs at zombies and more.

Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm – (PP, CM, NA) If you’re simply looking for the most traditional festive fall nostalgia experience, Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm is a must. A giant pumpkin patch, a tricky corn maze, a country farm to pick up all your souvenirs, and fire pits to rent out for those chilly, fun nights with friends. The only thing that could make it better is tasty treats and concessions… which Bob’s Farm also has. Don’t sit out on this experience!


- Chelsea Booker - The World is Fun Social Media Coordinator and Spooktacular Local Guide

Fun and Boozy Events to Ring in Halloween

Now that’s we’ve officially entered autumn, there’s no shame in getting excited for the season of spook.  If you can’t get enough of all things pumpkin, costume, and Halloween, check out these great boozy events to get into the Halloween spirit.  In true Seattle fashion, many of them actually benefit local causes too! 

 Find a costume and grab a drink at one of these awesome fall events!

Find a costume and grab a drink at one of these awesome fall events!


...and more!


Halloween Pub Crawl 2017 - October 21

Bar hop in your halloween costume from noon Saturday to 2am Sunday.


Black Cat Bash - October 21, Studio Seven

Dance the night away and support the Seattle Humane Society with the 4th and final Black Cat Bash at Studio Seven.


Zombie Crawl 2017 - October 26, 6pm, Redhook Brew Lab

Dress like a zombie and enjoy a night in Capitol Hill with $5 drink and food specials.


Haunt at MoPOP - October 28, MoPOP

Perhaps one of the largest costume contests in Seattle, Haunt is a night of Halloween entertainment, music, and dancing.


Fremonster Spectacular - October 28, Fremont Foundry

Experience a dance party, craft brews, specialty cocktails, delicious chocolate desserts, and of course, a costume contest!


Redhook Haunted Brewery Bash - October 29th, Redhook Brewery

If a night at the brewery is all you need, Redhook’s Haunted Brewery Bash is a great way to go.  Still get in the Halloween spirit by donning a costume while enjoy brews, cocktails, live music, and a photobooth.


-Mariah Acuff -  The World is Fun, PR coordinator and Local Fun Guide

This Week in Fun - October 2 - 8

While the Halloween festivities will really heat up starting next week, it is still the season for Oktoberfests!  Anacortes, Leavenworth, and Puyallup all have Oktoberfest events taking place this weekend and if that’s not your style, there are also two film festivals taking place this week as well.

Pick of the Week: Feast at Pike Place Market

Enjoy the unique chance to sample delicious food from over 20 Seattle restaurants.  This event is particularly special because it also benefits Pike Place’s Neighborcare Health, “the leading provider of comprehensive primary health care to low-income and uninsured people in downtown Seattle”.


Monday,  October 2nd


Tuesday, October 3rd


Wednesday, October 4th


Thursday, October 5th

Friday, October 6th


Saturday, October 7th


Sunday, October 8th

-Mariah Acuff, The World is Fun PR Coordinator and Blog Contributor


This Week in Fun - September 25 - October 1

We just want to say that we apologize in advance. Why? Because for this last week in September, there are so many great things to do, it made it hard to pick and choose what to include on the list. So we didn’t choose. Instead, we included all the best things there will be to do this week, and we’ve decided we’ll leave the choice up to you. Good luck!

To get you started, though, of course we’ll share a few of picks. A Geek-Chic Fashion Show, A New Orleans Festival, an Undead Dance Party and a Drunken Science Night. Those are the places we’ll certainly be. Now what about you?

Pick of the week - Geekbound: September 28, 6pm at Fremont Foundry


An event celebrating the future of fashion and geek culture PLUS cocktails and an inclusive runway show? Sign us up! Learn more about the event or get your tickets today! 

Monday, September 25th

  • Television at Neptune Theatre – Seattle – You won’t want to miss this legendary band’s performance. Get your tickets and get out to see them!

Tuesday, September 26th

  • Jellyfish Brewing Launch Event – Seattle – This new Brewery will be opening in Georgetown, but for now, they’re sponsoring a Trivia Night at Ballard Station Public House where you can get a taste of their beers! Win-win.

Wednesday, September 27th

Thursday, September 28th

  • Dinner In the Dark at Seattle Blind Cafe – Seattle – We think you’ll love this blind café experience, where you have to rely on senses other than sight and get a chance to interact with people around you without ever seeing them.
  • French Film Festival – Seattle – Big fan of French Cinema? Then we got you covered. This mini film festival will showcase 19 films from 12 countries and three continents. You’re sure to find something you like. (Runs through October 5th )
  • Geekbound Fashion Show – Seattle – Come out and celebrate nerd culture with a geekware fashion show! You’ll be able to mingle with designers, comic artists, be introduced to the world of VR, and of course, there will be food and drink for you too. You’ll love it – promise.
  • Science Night: Drunken Experiments for Adults – Seattle – Come down to the Blue Moon Tavern to experience this one of a kind night! You’ll get to do all the experiments you’ve dreamed of and more, and grab yourself a drink while you do it. This isn’t your average science class.
  • Misfit Cabaret – Seattle – Want to see a cabaret show with a little twist… something a little more fantastical? Here it is.

Friday, September 29th

  • New Orleans Food and Funk Festival – Seattle – Want the taste, sound, and feel of New Orleans, but unable to hop on a plane and go down there yourself? Here’s your solution! Go down to this New Orleans Fest, and allow yourself to travel to the Big Easy for a night.
  • Great Pumpkin Beer Fest – Seattle – Tis the season to partake in all things pumpkin flavored…and yes, that includes beer.
  • Seattle Thunderbirds vs. Prince George Cougars – Kent – Have you been craving some hockey in your life? We thought so. Take this opportunity to go down and root for our team!
  • Fashionably Undead – Seattle – Nope, it’s not too early for a Halloween party. Come on down to the MoPoP to experience this night of dancing, tour the frightening new exhibit, and learn more about how to create a horror film.
  • Pride and Prejudice – Seattle – This beloved literary classic is a favorite among many and this adaptation promises a modern twist. Literary fans will delight in this! (runs through October 29th)
  • Dinner In the Dark at Seattle Blind Cafe – Seattle
  • Misfit Cabaret – Seattle

Saturday, September 30th

  • Cider Festival – Gig Harbor – Not such a beer fan? Never fear, the time for cider is also here.
  • Free State Parks and Free National Parks – Washington - Feeling adventurous? Well today just might be the perfect day explore your wild side. With both State and National Parks allowing free entrance, you’ve got endless options for camping, hiking, picnicking and getting away from the big city and into nature.
  • Robothon – Seattle – If robots intrigue you, then you’ll probably enjoy watching this exciting robot competition!
  • GeekGirlCon – Seattle – Women, ready to be empowered to explore your passions? Want to learn how you can help “promote the role of women and other underrepresented groups in geek culture?” Then you certainly don’t want to miss GeekGirlCon!
  • Northwest Tea Festival – Seattle – If you’re more of a tea person than a coffee person, then we’re sure you’ll enjoy your time here.
  • Fresh Hoptoberfest at Hellbent Brewing Company – Seattle – It’s fresh hop season beer drinkers! And Hellbent Brewing Company is making a party of it. Live music, food trucks, yard games, and of course, a fresh hop IPA await.
  • Dinner In the Dark at Seattle Blind Cafe – Seattle
  • Misfit Cabaret – Seattle
  • Great Pumpkin Beer Fest – Seattle

Sunday, October 1 st

  • Seahawks vs Indianapolis – Seattle – The Hawks are back! And you should be watching them play. Take some time to do so this today!
  • Philharmonia Northwest: At The Japanese Garden – Seattle – Come to this concert to hear music featuring Japanese composers and influenced by Japanese culture. It’ll be a great way to end your weekend.
  • An Incredible Feast – Seattle – At this fundraiser, chefs pair with market farmers to create meals you’ve only dreamt about. This event will feature innovative food dishes created with fresh farm ingredients, local breweries, wineries, music, carnival style games and a silent auction.
  • Burien Brat Trot and Bavarian Festival – Burien – Start with a 5k or one mile race through Burien, and end with sausage, a beer garden, live bands and more. Excited? You should be.
  • GeekGirlCon – Seattle
  • Northwest Tea Festival – Seattle

Introducing Geekbound - A Geek-Chic Fashion Event in Seattle


The fashion world has long since been dominated by the glamorous guys and gals on the cover of Vogue Magazine. But what if you aren't the strike-a-pose type? What if you're more of a....geek?

A geek who also enjoys fashion? Who ever heard of such a thing? Well, you aren't alone. And this September, geek-fashionista Catherine Elhoffer is bringing her line of geek-chic attire to Seattle. September 28th is the Geekbound Fashion Show at the Fremont Foundry, celebrating geek culture through clothing design. Witness models across ages and appearances work the runway in the greatest of geek fashion.

The show is in collaboration with Seattle’s Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique, and will also include food and drink, and the chance to intermingle with designers and other geek artists.

Why bring a geek fashion show to Seattle of all places? Do you really have to ask? Seattle is a major geek-friendly city. And not just because we’re the home of Microsoft. Did you know Seattle’s Golden Age Collectables is the oldest comic book shop in the country? It calls Pike Place Market its home and has been in business since 1971! And then, of course, we have our Museum of Pop Culture that regularly features exhibits on sci-fi and fantasy films. And let’s not forget all the cafés and dedicated geek destinations like Mox Boarding House and Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique where community groups celebrate geek culture, play board games, card games, knit, write and so on. Then there is the iconic Space Needle, Seattle’s crown jewel of tourism which was built to represent the future as part of the 1962 World’s Fair.

See? Seattle has been geeking out for decades. So why not a fashion show catering to our geek-chic citizens? Get your tickets NOW for the September 28th event and join the fun! 

Learn more about Geekbound and get your tickets here!

- Rachel Lusby, The World is Fun Social Media Coordinator and Blog Contributor