Seattle’s Seemingly Birthday-Oriented Weekend

November 4, 2011

Firstly, as a UW alum I would like to say-

Happy 150th birthday to the University of Washington! If you’re one of the lucky people that gets to be on campus today to enjoy the free food, music, giveaways, art showings, speeches, and all the other goodies they have set up around campus- I’m jealous.


Secondly, as a UW alum I would like to say-

Tomorrow is the last home game of the football season. It’s also the last game that will ever be played in the current stadium on campus. It’s also against our nemesis, the Ducks. And so let it be known that there will be all forms of debauchery surrounding UW’s campus starting at noon. Come join the thousands upon thousands of purple and gold clad fans before the game to drink, chant, eat, and have way too much fun. No ticket? No worries! Come join in the pre-game fun and then stumble your way over to the Ram or Duchess where you can watch the game with other boozing Dawg fans.

If football isn’t your thing, no worries. There’s a chocolate-filled event going on this Saturday that I’m pretty positive will be right up your alley. It seems like this is the weekend where everyone is celebrating a birthday, and while it’s not their 150th, Seattle Chocolates is celebrating it’s 20th birthday AND a grand opening of a new store. Located on Andover Parkway, this new store is offering up everything they have at 25% off. The first 100 people also get a free goodie bag stuffed with chocolates! I might just have to stop on over here on my way to the game…the inner fat kid that lives inside me LOVES Seattle Chocolates :)

And to carry on with the birthday theme- The Old Peculiar in Ballard is also turning 20 and is throwing a birthday bash on Sunday. Stop into the Irish pub and you’ll be privy to a free potluck buffet! Oh, and some sassy kilted men as well. The celebration starts at 1 and you maybe ought to get there quick to get the best pick of the potluck. And as if having men in kilts hanging around isn’t enough to make you want to stick around, they’re offering up prizes like Seahawks tickets, gift certificates, and paid bar tabs so it’d be in your better interest to hang for a bit and see if you’re a winner!

Before wrapping up this entry I’d like to say thank you to all of the amazing volunteers last night that made it out to Get Cookin’. This monthly event is so important and it’s great to see how strong of an interest you all keep showing the community by quickly offering up your time to help out! Because next month’s Get Cookin’ already has all of the volunteer slots booked up, you’ll have to be sure to check it out in 2012. Word on the street is that TWIF is hoping to gather the funds to add more cooking events to the calendar :)

Want to help TWIF be able to reach even more people in our communities? Visit our donations page and get ready to make a difference. You can either make a one-time donation or opt to have whatever amount you choose donated from your bank account on a reoccurring, monthly basis. In October we were able to provide meals to over 100 people, the sky is really the limit with your help!

-Amber Carrigan