Seattle Sips: Five Hot Beverages to Enjoy this Fall


October 19, 2014

Since the drizzles and grey skies have moved into Seattle for the next few months, it’s time to start adding more delicious hot drinks to our days to make them warmer. And there’s a potion for every emotion! Read on, and pick your poison.

Feeling Nostalgic? Drink a Hot Chocolate

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Who doesn’t like hot chocolate? Well, of course, some people don’t. And that’s perfectly fine! But for those who do, Seattle has plenty of wonderful cafes that will meet their hot cocoa loving ways. Revisit the crisp autumn days of your youth with a tasty hot chocolate from one of Seattle's awesome spots.

Up near the University of Washington, Agua Verde Café and Paddle Club makes a mean Mexican hot chocolate. The blend of cinnamon, chocolate and spices is perfect for a grey Seattle day. Should you find yourself in Wallingford, you might want to stroll into Chocolati Café. They’re known for their wide selection of hot chocolate varieties, such as cayenne, turtle (with caramel) and Aztec.

Hot Apple Cider: The Perfect Accompaniment for a Pumpkin Patch Stroll

"Hot apple cider with lemon, ginger and star anise @le pain quotidien." Photo courtesy of tibbygirl on Flickr Creative Commons.

Washington is known worldwide for its amazing apples. What better place than here to enjoy some of the best hot-spiced cider the planet has to offer? MarketSpice, in Pike Place Market, offers a popular Spiced Cider Mix. You can also simmer it in red wine to make a delicious mulled wine, another hot drink that’s perfect through the winter.

Calm Your Halloween-Costume Anxiety with a Hot Toddy

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The Halloween costume-creating process can be somewhat stressful. After a day puzzling over wigs, thrift store options and tacky insta-costumes at the drugstore, stop by a cozy bar to get a Hot Toddy. The Hazelwood in Ballard and the Fireside Room at the Sorrento Hotel on First Hill apparently make great Toddies.

Sip Tea at the Cederberg Tea House

Non-coffee drinkers may feel a bit like outsiders in this city that’s in love with the Bean. But, as true Seattle tea-drinkers know, there are several great options for those who worship the tea leaf instead.

One of those options is the Cederberg Tea House on Queen Anne. This quaint café and tearoom offers traditional South African tea-time delicacies, such as malva pudding (caramelized sponge cake), melkterts (a milk custard tart), and various sweet and savory rolls and tea sandwiches. They also do high tea!

Class It Up with a Craft Espresso Cocktail

Photo courtesy of Coffee Wikia.

Although the jack-o-lanterns, candy corn and aisles upon aisles of epic costumes at your local drug store all bring you back to childhood, sometimes you need to tip a glass to your more sophisticated side as well. And that’s where coffee-based alcoholic beverages come in.

Café Corretto, an espresso bar on Capitol Hill that opened this spring, features espresso-based cocktails made in the traditional Italian style. Their signature, Il Futurismo, features Braulio amaro, espresso and Bob’s bitters. Kind of like a Manhattan, but with the three aforementioned ingredients instead of rye whiskey, vermouth and bitters.

So pour yourself a hot cup of autumn goodness and curl up with your favorite book or horror movie. Got any must-try spots or unique recipes you love? Please do share!

Maggie Tarnawa is a blogger for The World Is Fun and a devoted coffee, tea and hot chocolate sipper