Ultimate Cuddle Puddle


February 15, 2014


One culture highly undocumented in the Pacific Northwest is that of Ultimate Frisbee. We are a relatively elusive group as our day jobs do not necessarily give you any insight into our extraordinary #handling, #receiving, or #laying out skills. Today, you fine readers, I invite you to an inside look at our recent all-night-long tournament “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Last Saturday night, Ultimate extraordinaire Mara Lang hosted “Sleepless in Seattle”--an all-night long indoor tournament, running from 10:00PM to 5:00AM. Each team played at least 5 games, each 30-minutes with no time-stops, half-times, or time-outs. Many teams played with costumes. Our team was called “Cuddle Puddle” and opted for blue and turquoise hooded onesie uniforms. Cuddle-puddles were mandatory before and after each game, which was always comfortable, and partially sweatier than we anticipated.

Other teams, as is custom in Ultimate, dawned sombreros, dragon suits, sequin dresses, pants and no shirt, shirt and no pants, penguin spandex, and of course--shoes (well, almost all of us).

Though we make it a point to always have lots of fun, the game is tough and requires a lot of endurance. And for those of you who don’t know the rules of Frisbee, the object of the game is to catch the disc to the end-zone (much like football). However, we don’t have nearly as many plays or rules as football to keep track of—though our butts are certainly just as nice.

This tournament, which was one of many that go on throughout the year was a lot of fun. We had bagels to carbo-load all night, energy drinks, karaoke, raffles and of course—lots of cuddling to keep us entertained all night long.

If you’re interested in playing or learning more, feel free to contact Gabby Arens at gabby@theworldisfun.org for more info!

-Gabby Arens is an Event Coordinator extraordinaire with The World Is Fun