Your Nerdy Day Out in Seattle

Between being home to a slew of nerdy expos (PAX, Geek Girl Con, Emerald City Comic Con) which brings in a sea of nerds to Seattle every year, and being a Silicon-Valley-rivaling tech city hub, Seattle is a great place for nerds. So it’s no surprise there are some great nerd spots to hit up around town.


"Nerd Crossing." From Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Sean Graham. Some rights reserved.

From comic book shops to gaming bars, there is something for everyone. Here are some of my favorites spots and a quick guide to your nerdy day out in Seattle:

1. Arcade Bars

If you want to enjoy some games of your childhood -- plus a little extra for your now-adulthood, look no further than the plethora of arcade and pinball bars that we have to offer.

Gameworks: Downtown Seattle

Although not strictly local, this place is huge and great for a group party. With DDR, Racing Games, arcade games, old-school classics and gaming tickets you can trade in for prizes, this place brings back all the memories of hanging out at Chuck–E–Cheese, with more food and booze.

Shorty’sBelltown | Add-A-BallFremont | Seattle Pinball MuseumCapitol Hill


"Pinball Machine at Shorty's." From Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of bowenmurphy. Some rights reserved.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler and a little more local, check out one of the many pinball bars in Seattle. Once you’ve scrounged some loose change from under your couch or raided your laundry jar -- head on over to one of these spots, enjoy a brew (or if you’re at Shorty’s, a Boozy Smoothie), and play some pinball!

2. Table Top Bars

Café Mox: Ballard | Gamma Ray GamesCapitol Hill

If you’re looking for something a little more social or a little more involved, maybe table top and board games are more your style. If so, head on over to one of Seattle’s table top bars. There, you can grab a drink and some food and rent games to play with friends. With everything from casual games (Yatzee), to something a little more in-depth (Settlers of Catan), you can sit down with a friend or camp down for a few hours.

Bonus, Cafe Mox has rooms you can rent so you can have a longer and more personal gaming session with friends.

3. Comic Book Shops

Golden Age CollectablesDowntown | ZanaduDowntown | And so…so many more: All over town

In addition to having many comic book shops to help you find anything you’re looking for, Seattle also has the honor of having the oldest comic book shop in America -- in the heart of Pike Place Market. Golden Age Collectables have been around since 1971 (followed up by another downtown spot -- Zanadu, around since 1975). Golden Age Collectables also has an added bonus of having all the collectable items to browse as well. It might be time to deck out your nerd cave.

4. Coffee and Browncoats*

Wayward Coffee: Greenlake


"IMG_0462.jpg." From Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of GeekGirlCon. Some rights reserved.

A haven for geeks, especially browncoats -- this little establishment has taken the Seattle institution -- a coffee shop -- and made it the spot for nerdy hangouts abound. If you’re a nerdy mom, want to come play a board game, want to play some D&D or want to join a writing group -- this place probably has a group for you.

*(Side Note: Browncoats being the nickname for fans of the sci-fi TV series Firefly).


AFK TavernEverett


"EGD2-What is the other table is doing." From Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of health_bar. Some rights reserved.

This is our bonus pick as it’s not in Seattle – it’s in Everett -- however that’s only about a 30 minute drive out of Seattle and it’s too good not to mention.  This place takes all the fun of the above mentioned spots and wraps it up into one. It’s got games, it’s got arcade, it’s got computers, it’s got consoles, they’ve got all types of nerdy hangouts you’d like.

Bonus, they’ve got nerdy themed drinks. So head on up to Everett, order yourself a Sonic Screwdriver or a Polyjuice Potion and stay awhile!

-Cassandra Gallagher is the Newsletter Editor for The World Is Fun