Five Seattle Bands You Need To Check Out!


January 17, 2015

Quick, name three Seattle-based musical groups! Drawing a blank after Nirvana and Macklemore? Yes, Seattle spawned grunge as well as Macklemore and his socially-conscious, infectious beats, but Seattle is home to a bounty of talented bands and solo musicians across many genres. Below is a list of a few local acts well worth checking out via iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify or better yet, a live show.

Beat Connection

Beat Connection, formed when its members were students at the University of Washington, packs dance floors with catchy, synth-driven beats.

  • Most recent album: The Palace Garden (2012)

  • Next local show: none announced but they play Seattle venues frequently, keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.

Katie Kate

Kick-ass rapper (and classically trained pianist!) Katie Kate writes and produces her own songs, which simmer with pop, new wave and electronic undercurrents.

  • Most recent album: Nation (2014)

  • Next local show: Neumos, 2/13/15

Neumos on Capitol Hill

The Maldives

Alt-country at its best, The Maldives do croon about lost love but can also thoroughly rock out. Familiar fixtures on the summer festival scene, they have played SXSW, Bumbershoot, Sasquatch and the Capitol HIll Block Party.

  • Most recent album: Muscle for the Wing (2012)

  • Next local show: Neumos, 2/7/2015

La Luz

Known for their phenomenal live shows, La Luz has a 60s girl group vibe, but with a more modern, slinky sound.

  • Most recent album: Damp Face (technically an EP, 2012)

  • Next local show: Neumos 4/4/2015


A hugely entertaining band to listen to or catch live, Tacocat’s indie/surf pop tunes are highly infectious. Fun fact: last summer, Bluebird Microbrewery and Creamery named an ice cream after the band—the delicious sounding Choco-Tacocat (vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate-dipped waffle cone).

  • Most recent album: NVM (2014)

Next local show: None planned but keep an eye on the band’s Facebook page.

-Leah Wyatt, TWIF Blogger and Social Media Coordinator