5 Seattle Events You May Not Know Existed


Whether you're new to this area or an established Seattleite, this city may hold some surprises for you that you haven’t yet discovered. When you're not working or running errands, you probably like to have some fun. The trouble is, sometimes you run out of ideas on what to do for fun. We like to think our little list will help. If you haven't tried out these events, give them a go, and if you have, we're here to remind you of them!

If you have a tiny nerd hiding somewhere inside, let him out and show him a good time. Once a month it's Nerd Nite and Seattleites gather in a bar in the U-district to enjoy their drinks in a more intellectual way. That means they also get to enjoy fun and informative presentations from people who are passionate about astronomy, history, nature, economy... and believe me, their topics are interesting! It's a nice twist on a regular night out in a bar, going on in over 80 cities around the globe. Be sure to check it out. Like their motto says: Be there and be square!

Ignite Seattle is an event founded in Seattle in 2006 and since then it has spread around the world. In a five-minute format, people talk about all sorts of subjects and ideas, supported by 20 slides. The idea is to ignite the audience with presentations and make them think and even act on them. If you're the type of person who falls asleep during long lectures, then this is probably for you! It's a fast paced event, as is obvious from their motto (yes, they also have a motto): Enlighten us, but make it quick!

Salon of Shame is a wonderfully embarrassing event. The good thing — it's only embarrassing for people on the stage sharing their diary entries and poems written at a tender age. For the audience, it's a uniquely funny experience. Currently held at the Theatre Off Jackson and equipped with a full bar, Salon of Shame usually occupies intimate venues and is almost always sold out. But don't despair; there is a way to get tickets. Just follow the instructions on their website. We wish you good luck!

For all the music lovers out there, Seattle Living Room Shows presents a great opportunity to see many up-and-coming musicians in more or less intimate surroundings. Living Room Shows were founded by the Watt sisters and the first show was held in one of the sister's living rooms. That was in 2008, and since then the whole thing kicked off and the sisters started organizing the shows in lofts, art galleries and similar locations to the appreciation of both bands and fans.

Something like a younger sister of the Living Room Shows, Seattle Secret Shows was launched in 2008 by the same Watt sisters. Similar to their first project, the shows are scattered around town in unique locations, but the difference is, you won't know who's performing until you arrive at the location. And you have to be on the email list to find out about the show and the location in the first place. A little mystery can always be a fun thing!

So dear Seattleites, go out and have fun!

-Tomislava Lijović, TWIF Social Media Coordinator and Blogger