5 Things You Probably Don’t (But Should) Know About Cinco De Mayo and How To Celebrate Them in Seattle

1.   On May 5th a battle was won…but not the independence one.

In 1862, Mexicans won a battle against a larger and better-equipped French army near Puebla, Mexico. This was one of the many battles that was fought during the Franco-Mexican war that started in 1861 and ended in 1867.


I guess the only easy way to celebrate this would be to reenact the battle, which they do in Puebla, Mexico. If you’re in Seattle, you could have lunch at Carta de Oaxaca and head to Bastille Café & Bar for dinner, and let your stomach decide who won the battle (there are only .2 miles of separation between them).

2.   The world’s largest Cinco de Mayo celebration draws around 300,000 people…but it’s in Los Angeles, not in Mexico.


Photo credit of About Travel.com. http://golosangeles.about.com/od/fairsandfestivals/ss/FiestaBroadway.htm#step-heading

With that said, you’re probably in the best place to celebrate. Head to your favorite Mexican restaurant and take advantage of the Happy Hour, you’ll probably be able to at least sip on a really cheap margarita. We’ll be at El Borracho enjoying a few $4 margaritas and a couple of $1 tacos.

3.   On this day there are Chihuahua races held…in Arizona, not in Mexico.


Photo credit:http://www.arizonafoothillsmagazine.com/images/stories/april13/Family/May_3_2013/2-Chihuahua-Races-Pinterest.png

We’re in Seattle. If you jump in your car right now and start driving it would take you almost 22 hours to get to Chandler, Arizona, to witness the coronation of the Chihuahua Queen and King. Your safest bet to see a Chihuahua this Cinco de Mayo is to visit Washington Chihuahua Breeders, but if you’re looking for a dose of puppy cuteness just head to Pawsitive Alliance.

4.   Cinco de Mayo is the number one holiday for avocado consumption…in the United States.

On 5 de Mayo, the consumption of avocado in the United States goes beyond 80 million pounds!


Photo credit: http://www.damajority.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/guacamole.jpeg

 California is the state that consumes most of these avocados on Cinco de Mayo celebrations, so stand up and go to your favorite Mexican restaurant in Seattle so we can even the scale. We love some good guacamole and we’ll probably be heading to El Fogon, on Capitol Hill, to get our fair dose.

5.   Mexico’s Independence Day is cause for major celebrations throughout the country…but not on May 5th, it actually takes place on September 16th.


Photo credit: http://elmanana.com.mx/imgs/noticias/original/bc5415d074e4824_9bb9a2c21d4269861fe0be801b4f8f54

 This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear your sombrero and head out to the streets to celebrate. How does 30+ food trucks, live mariachi and luchador wrestling sound? Head to Seattle’s 2015 Cinco de Mayo Block Party & Taco Truck Showdown in the International District and celebrate that on this day a few years ago the underdogs won a battle that seemed impossible to win at that time. Viva Mexico!

This is Mexico City’s main plaza (Zocalo) on any given day.


Photo credit: http://www.planetware.com/photos-large/MEX/zocalo-plaza-de-la-constitucion.jpg

This is Mexico City’s main plaza (Zocalo) on Cinco de Mayo.


Photo credit: http://www.planetware.com/photos-large/MEX/zocalo-plaza-de-la-constitucion.jpg

Can you spot the differences?

-Cynthia Salaman, TWIF Marketing Director