Seattle's "UP" House: The Story of Edith Macefield


There’s a special little place in Seattle that personifies resilience. It is the Edith Macefield house in Ballard Blocks. The house is in the middle of commercial and office development property with an LA Fitness and a Ross Dress for Less as neighbors. This story sounds familiar right? Well, the screenplay of UP, the Pixar movie, was developed 2 years before Edith Macefield refused to sell the house for $1 million in 2006 to make way for more commercial development. But the resemblance is uncanny and kind of awesome.

Edith Macefield was born in Oregon in 1929 and lived a very interesting life. She spoke several languages including French and German, joined the military in England before she was 18, and took care of war orphans while in England. After all that, she moved in with her mom to take care of her and worked at a dental office.


Her family’s farmhouse has been in existence for over 100 years and she didn’t want to leave the home because of her age. She passed away on June 15, 2008 and left the house to Barry Martin, the construction superintendent.

Despite her resistance to move, Edith had a good relationship with the property developers. When she passed away, the house was auctioned off by Barry Martin for $310,000 but that sale was later voided. A new buyer was announced and their plans for the institution are yet to come but one of the stipulations was that anyone who buys it must honor Edith Macefield’s legacy.

Want to know more? You can keep up to date with the house’s story on their Facebook page.

-Wayne Pua, TWIF Blogger