Chew on This: A Visit to The Gum Wall in Post Alley

It has got to be one of the most unhygienic tourist attractions in the world. The Gum Wall, located in Post Alley under Pike Place Market, was deemed a tourist attraction by market officials in 1999 after bored people who waited in line for theatre tickets kept on sticking gum with coins onto the wall. At first, the theatre tried removing the gum, but that ended when it became an official landmark.

There is more than just gum. If you look around, you can see kindness.


You’ll see humor.


Seattle Victor Grigas December 2011-5" by Victorgrigas - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

And you’ll see love.

love gum.png


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That is what makes the Gum Wall special. In what may appear to be the grossest landmark around Seattle, there is life and art.

-Wayne Pua, TWIF Blogger and Social Media Coordinator