The Best Vegetarian Dishes for Carnivores in Seattle

Seattle is an extremely vegetarian-friendly city. There are hundreds of restaurants that offer tofu or veggie options on the menu, like most Thai or Indian establishments, not to mention the places that cater specifically to vegans and vegetarians. Even most of the steakhouses have at least one meatless menu choice. It’s pretty easy to make the switch to a meatless lifestyle and you don’t have to sacrifice flavor in the process, but there are still skeptics who can’t fathom giving up something they love so much. I’ve been vegetarian for almost a decade and I’ve taken pretty good notes on what will fly with a meat eater and what won’t (soy beef is a no go, but soysage fools them every time!)

So here it is, my list of the best vegetarian dishes in Seattle that even carnivores can’t resist.

If you’re in the mood for tacos, No Bones food truck has a beer battered avocado taco that will make you forget all about carne! You can find their locations for the week on their website and it will definitely be worth it. Try anything on the menu for a vegan take on faves like wings and caesar salads.

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Local 360 is a great restaurant in Belltown with a sustainability goal and the majority of their ingredients are locally-sourced. Though the restaurant offers plenty of meaty options, give the chickpea cake a try. Using the hearty and delicious ingredient most people have come to know as synonymous with hummus, the chefs here have really created a complex flavor profile.

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Thai food is one of the most veggie-friendly cuisines on the planet. Almost everything on the menu comes with the option of tofu instead of chicken or beef. However, if you want some great all vegetarian noodles and curry check out JhanJay Thai. They have soy chicken and beef to sub into your food. It’s an easy way to try something new without completely stepping out of your comfort zone.

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If you’re looking for a classy and upscale restaurant that serves quality and creative vegetarian cuisine try Cafe Flora. It has been voted the best multiple times and never ceases to amaze me. They really take the time to perfect the recipes and serve gorgeous plates of food. This restaurant will most definitely impress even those who love meat.

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El Chupacabra is a quirky joint in Greenwood serving Mexican food and margaritas. A pleasant surprise is that they offer vegan and vegetarian versions of everything on the menu. Hungry for some vegan cheese and soy chicken enchiladas? They’ve got you covered!

There are plenty of interesting and tasty meatless dishes at Seattle eateries to curb your cravings. Next time you are at your favorite restaurant, take a minute to look a bit closer at the menu. I’m sure there is a veggie option you didn’t even notice that might be worth a try!

-Carmen Galderisi, TWIF Blogger