Which Turtle Are You?


April 26, 2016


After giving a lecture on the solar system, a scientist was approached by an older lady from the front row. She complimented the cleverness of the theory of planets orbiting the sun, but she knew it was wrong. The earth, in fact, rested on the back of a turtle. Curious, the scientist asked if that’s true, then what does the turtle stand on? She answered a second, larger turtle, and before the scientist could ask another question, she added: “And you can’t trick me. It’s turtles all the way down.”

I love this story when thinking about TWIF (though I’m not chucking my astronomy books anytime soon). TWIF does so many good things, but at our core TWIF is about events. Throwing fun, charitable, community-building events is how we began, what we do most, and (arguably) what we do best. And if TWIF is about awesome events, then the turtle moving the TWIF world is surely our event leaders, loveably known as Sherpas.

Image from : Instagram

And I’m not imagining any wimpy TWIF turtle. I’m picturing a green machine. Determined, unstoppable, the kind of tortoise tank who always beats the rabbit in the children’s stories (although being a Sherpa can get a bit hairy for sure).

This leads me to a donation compaign less than a week away -- GiveBig. Is it just another fundraiser? No way. First, the proceeds go directly to our Sherpa program, so if TWIF events are close to your heart, this one is for you. More Sherpas means more events and more fun. Even better, our campaign will receive stretch dollars through the Seattle Foundation, so your gift counts even more.

So, which turtle are you? If you’re lucky enough to have Sherpa’ed a group of TWIF volunteers, then woohoo! (And thanks!) But maybe that’s not your speed. If so, the good news is that now to May 3rd is your chance for the just-as-good “second turtle” option of GiveBig. It’s just as valuable. It’s your chance to Sherpa a Sherpa. After all, with a community like TWIF, it truly is turtles all the way down.

(Give Big is May 3!!)

- Contributor Gabriel Ayerza TWIF board Member, President and Super-Turtle!