Our #Do1Thing Passion

As we take time over the next few weeks to introduce ourselves to you, we want to make sure you get a feel for what makes us so proud of our organization and peers here at The World is Fun.

Our organization was born out of a simple idea - that the world, and Seattle in particular, is fun and when we get together - whether we are drinking a beer, fundraising, providing meals for the food insecure or having a meeting - we can have as much fun with, and for, our communities as any other hobby. Since our very first event, which raised more $38,000 for foster kids by parading 100 bearded men on a tour of local bars, we have grown to support more than 100 non-profit partners, over 4,500 volunteers and a staff of more than 80 volunteer employees in making our community more awesome every day.

While it may seem like the clear takeaway is that 100 bearded men can change the world, we know that ANY one person can make the world a better place - beard or no beard.

We all have to start somewhere and we want to do that together. TWIF wants to help you find your own 'parade of bearded men.' Let's find your passion and the one thing you can do to make your world a little more fun.

Learn more about how we #Do1Thing by watching our first ever video introduction below!