Perfect Picnic Spots in Seattle

With the rainy days behind us (fingers crossed), we can all look forward to the best time of the year here in Seattle. We find ourselves grateful for all that rain because it gifts us with lush greenery that we can now enjoy. Long, sunny days with mountain views that stretch beyond where the eye can see fill the summer months. So what better way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and promising forecasts than with a picnic? Pack up your picnic basket and check out these three ideal parks to host your next outdoor gathering.

Olympic Sculpture Park

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Located near the Space Needle, but just far enough away from the bustling tourists, is the Olympic Sculpture Park. While this park is fairly small, it boasts some of the best views you can find in Seattle on a clear day. With your back to the city center, you can see Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountains in one breathtaking view. There are numerous options to sit and take it all in, varying park benches, fresh grass, and even sandy beach. This park is a popular spot for dog owners and bike riders alike, with sprawling pathways and easy access to the water. You may even be lucky to see some wildlife as baby seal sightings are not uncommon. Arguably the best time to enjoy this park is at sunset when the sun dips below the mountain range and Mount Rainier glows in a mixture of pinks and oranges. Gather your loved ones and your favorite finger foods and host a summertime picnic at this park, you won’t regret it.  


Volunteer Park

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Venturing up from the city center lies the Capitol Hill neighborhood, which is home to the expansive green sanctuary knows as Volunteer Park. Along with the great lawns and never-ending trees, this park also includes a museum, observatory, and historic water tower. There is a paved path that encompasses this 48-acre park that brings together loyal locals and eager tourists to take in this natural wonderland. As soon as you enter the park you will soon be transported from the pace of city life and relax into a more natural state of mind. Whether you want to conclude a long day of sightseeing or spend the entire day lounging on the grass, consider Volunteer Park to be your pick for a picnic.  


Gas Works Park

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Two unseemingly related things, coal manufacturing plant and nature park, come together for this unique choice. Gas Works Park was an area previously planned to house a coal manufacturing plant, but the city acquired the site after plans for the plant became obsolete. What was left was a park just north of city center on Lake Union that overlooks one of the best views of the city. The park includes a protected picnic area, children’s play barn, and grassy hilltops to soak the views in. Crowds flock to this park all summer long to enjoy the weather while observing unobstructed views of the Space Needle and beyond. Come discover what makes this park unique and it is sure to become an instant favorite.

-Annie Stephenson

TWIF blogger