Best Places to Read a Book in Seattle This Winter

Cozy up with a good book at the Sorrento Hotel's Fireside Room

Cozy up with a good book at the Sorrento Hotel's Fireside Room

And so it begins. As the weather in the Pacific Northwest changes for the colder, the rainier, and the darker, it’s easy to begin to retreat into the comfort of our homes until the flowers begin to bloom again and we declare it safe to come out of hibernation.

But that’s not how it has to be! If you’re willing to venture out of your house, you’ll find Seattle has some places that’ll make you feel just as cozy outside of your home as you would inside. And of course, these places are great for doing one of the best activities possible during winter: reading a good book. So instead of spending the whole winter tucked beneath the covers (yes, we know how tempting that can be), grab a book and try instead heading outside of your home to experience a cozier, comfier, Seattle in the winter. Leave the rain and snow outside, and warm up at these places:

  • Fireside Room at Sorrento Hotel – You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to come here. If you like a mix of cozy and classy with a touch of luxurious, then you’ll want to check out the fireside room. It opens early and closes late, so if you want to go in the morning to read over coffee and tea, and then come back in the evening for cocktails, delectable eats and live jazz-piano music, you’ll be able to do just that. Not to mention Seattle’s Silent Reading Parties (first Wednesday of every month) are hosted here, so you know this place was made with readers in mind.


  • C&P Coffee – If you’re looking some something a little more laid-back with a nice home-y feel, then look no further than C&P Coffee. Located in West Seattle, this home turned coffee shop boasts delicious drinks and snacks.  It is filled with tables, couches, and comfy chairs, so you’ll never have a hard time finding a place to sit. And it is also open late, so in the evening, you can select from their beer and wine menu. If you want to do more than read, then be sure to check out their event calendar as they often have live performances, readings, open mics and other events to celebrate and attract the local talent.


  • Chocolati Café – When the weather turns, do you crave hot chocolate over coffee? Then the Chocolati Café is the place to be. While they have a number of locations, both their Greenwood and Wallingford cafes are open late and have lots of seating available for those who want to stay for a long time. You can order hot chocolate, drinking chocolate, truffles, chocolate pastries, and yes, even a few non-chocolate items on the menu. While there aren’t couches to cozy up on, the quietness of the place combined with the indulgence of the chocolate, makes it a good place to plant yourself with a book for a few hours and be whisked away.


  • Everett Library and Bookend Coffee Shop – What’s better than a great library? How about a great library with a coffee shop attached? Don’t have any specific book picked out to read for the day? Don’t sweat it- just pick up one (or five), from the library, check out, and then head on over to grab a coffee and settle down in one of the big chairs. By the time you look up, you just might find you’ve spent almost an entire day here. But hey, at least it’ll be a day well spent.


  • Storyville Coffee Company- You have a couple of options when it comes to Storyville Coffee. You can choose to go to the downtown location in the heart of Pike Place Market where it might be a little more crowded, but you can half-read and half-people watch for an afternoon. Or you can choose to go the Queen Anne location, a little more out of the way, but equally as cozy with lots of seating (couches galore, and a fireplace!). If you need to stop reading to admire the décor in either location, we won’t blame you, as the rounded edges and smooth lines of the interior design give both places a nice modern feel that comes with its own brand of comfort.


  • Tea Republik – If you’re serious about getting some reading done in a place where they won’t mind if you stay for hours (as long as you make sure to order a few rounds of tea of course), then you’ll find Tea Republik to be a great place to do so. Both locations in the U-District and Capitol Hill are quiet, inviting, and the tea menu is extensive. Go on, marvel at their wall of almost every type of tea you can imagine before making your decision. Then grab a seat on the couch, sit back with your book and tea, and relax for a few hours.


  • The Upstairs – If you’re someone who likes to read over cocktails as opposed to coffee, then this place is about as good as it gets. The Upstairs is, in a word, stylish, and seems to be built with the type of person who wants to read while they drink in mind – full of couches and other cozy seating and décor. If you want to feel like you’ve stepped right into a swanky yet relaxed speakeasy, then this is just the place. Grab a cocktail, and take a seat.


  • Roy Street Coffee and Tea – Yet another good ol’ coffee shop with a distinctly Seattle flare. One of its major selling points? There’s always a place to sit, and a variety of options depending on how comfy you want to get. The food and drinks are high quality, the baristas are friendly, and it’s right in the heart of Capitol Hill and all that the neighborhood has to offer. It’s the perfect place to read a book and then go out and do some exploring, though if you choose to spend all your time here instead, we won’t blame you. At least it got you out of your house this winter.

-Chelsea Booker – The World Is Fun Social Media Coordinator