Introducing Geekbound - A Geek-Chic Fashion Event in Seattle


The fashion world has long since been dominated by the glamorous guys and gals on the cover of Vogue Magazine. But what if you aren't the strike-a-pose type? What if you're more of a....geek?

A geek who also enjoys fashion? Who ever heard of such a thing? Well, you aren't alone. And this September, geek-fashionista Catherine Elhoffer is bringing her line of geek-chic attire to Seattle. September 28th is the Geekbound Fashion Show at the Fremont Foundry, celebrating geek culture through clothing design. Witness models across ages and appearances work the runway in the greatest of geek fashion.

The show is in collaboration with Seattle’s Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique, and will also include food and drink, and the chance to intermingle with designers and other geek artists.

Why bring a geek fashion show to Seattle of all places? Do you really have to ask? Seattle is a major geek-friendly city. And not just because we’re the home of Microsoft. Did you know Seattle’s Golden Age Collectables is the oldest comic book shop in the country? It calls Pike Place Market its home and has been in business since 1971! And then, of course, we have our Museum of Pop Culture that regularly features exhibits on sci-fi and fantasy films. And let’s not forget all the cafés and dedicated geek destinations like Mox Boarding House and Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique where community groups celebrate geek culture, play board games, card games, knit, write and so on. Then there is the iconic Space Needle, Seattle’s crown jewel of tourism which was built to represent the future as part of the 1962 World’s Fair.

See? Seattle has been geeking out for decades. So why not a fashion show catering to our geek-chic citizens? Get your tickets NOW for the September 28th event and join the fun! 

Learn more about Geekbound and get your tickets here!

- Rachel Lusby, The World is Fun Social Media Coordinator and Blog Contributor