Tech Ways to Give Back

Thanks to our hometown tech titans, living in Seattle sometimes means coding is your cardio and your favorite java is script, not coffee. If that’s the case, why not play to your strengths when it comes to volunteering and check out our tech ways to give back:

Here at TWIF we partner with 140 nonprofits who aim to directly benefit the Seattle community. We want to share their mission, expand their audience, and support the efforts of the wonderful work they are doing in Seattle—and that includes tech!

Video Games for Good

Neighborhood Heroes is dedicated to developing safe places for youth to play video games and build community. Connect with them on Facebook and learn how interactive entertainment promotes teamwork, collaboration, and conflict resolution in the communities that need it most.


Break the Prison Cycle—with tech!


Unloop is dedicated to breaking the prison cycle by providing the training necessary to get former prison residents into careers in tech. They’re always looking for entrepreneurs and tech professionals to help mentor, train, and guide program participants.


Bridge the Digital Divide


InterConnection strives to make information and communication technology accessible to underserved communities around the world. With the help of donated tech, they take used computers and ship the refurbished products worldwide. So if you’re not sure what to do with that outdated laptop laying around, schedule an InterConnection pick-up.


Why NPOs Need Tech Volunteers


Technology is a powerful tool when it comes to running a nonprofit and your skills are invaluable. Knowledge of technology and the ability to use it can make or break a nonprofit’s efforts when it comes to attracting new volunteers, building a strong network, and keeping everything running smoothly. There is a huge need for tech know-how, few resources, and, to make matters more difficult, tech is something hard for nonprofits to get funded.


Where You Should Look


If you’re interested in giving back, the first step is to find a cause that resonates with you. Smaller, newer NPOs usually have fewer resources which means your skills have the potential to make even more of a positive impact. Though, no matter the organization you choose, there’ll be a way for you to put your skills to use—it’s your passion and commitment that matter most!


How Best to Help


Listen! Nonprofits know what they’re doing and what they need. Work with the members of the nonprofit to develop a simple plan that meets the organization’s needs. Get to know the nonprofit, be committed to its mission, and meet it where it’s at when it comes to how tech is implemented.


But wait, there’s more!


Many nonprofits, of all shapes, sizes, and missions, are in need of volunteers with tech skills, whether it be a one-time commitment or a continued relationship. It’s as easy as finding a cause you care about and asking how you can help. If you’re not sure where to start, reach out to us here at TWIF and we’ll get you set in the right direction.