Your Capitol Hill Block Party Survival Guide

Jim Bennett / Capitol Hill Block Party 2018.

Jim Bennett / Capitol Hill Block Party 2018.

If you live in the Seattle metro area, you probably know about Capitol Hill Block Party. A three-day event that takes over the quirky neighborhood of Capitol Hill, Block Party has grown increasingly every year with rumors circling that 2019 could even be its last horrah.

But in the meantime, whether it’s your first time attending, your last, or both, here are some tips from a seasoned pro on how to come prepared and make the most out of Capitol Hill Block Party.

See the early performances

Two years ago one of the earliest acts on Saturday was Lizzo. This year? Lizzo is the Saturday headliner. You don’t know which artists are going to blow up and Capitol Hill Block Party is one of the best opportunities to get up close with amazing performers.

Don’t forget your ID. Seriously.

This is pretty obvious, but it happens every year...people forget their ID. While a regular night on the town might allow you the flexibility to run home and get it, Capitol Hill Block Party is different in that lines can be long and mercy can be limited for letting you return to your spot. Security is strict and some stages won’t allow minors at all. Save yourself the trip and double check that you have your ID and tickets.

Ditch the bag and opt for the fanny pack

Not only will you be dancing to various musicians, but you’ll also be weaving through crowds at the stages and the various bars inside the gates. Life will be easier on you and everyone else if you ditch clunky bags and backpacks and opt for something small and just as importantly, easy to keep an eye on, like a fanny pack.

Be ready to split up

Even though Block Party takes up a relatively small amount of space it can still be easy to lose track of one another as people separate for bathroom breaks, to see different acts, or to grab a drink. Nothing is more difficult than trying to find your friends in the middle of a crowded festival. Try to have a plan in place ahead of time like sharing locations on Find My Friends for the day, having a meeting spot, or channeling your inner child with walkie talkies (which are allowed in the venue).

Dress comfortably

Every single day of Block Party promises to be a good time, but you’ll definitely be moving and on your feet for the most part. Lean on the side of wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, especially since the fun can last from noon until midnight. This will help you stay in a great mood to really enjoy all of the shows!

If you’re interested in attending this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party, visit their website to learn more.