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Our mission is to get you involved.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events



TWIF Merchandise

TWIF Merchandise


We get Seattleites, just like you, involved in giving back to their community.


Working with our network of over 135 Seattle-based Nonprofit Partners, we organize group volunteer opportunities that are fun, social, and help these organizations in their mission. Our volunteer opportunities are designed to allow volunteers to choose their own adventure and choose the opportunities that interest them and fit their schedule.

Community Partnerships

We work with Seattle businesses to get them involved in giving back. 


In addition to supporting charitable marketing campaigns and giving programs that promote businesses in Seattle, we work side-by-side with our partners to create unique team building volunteer opportunities for their staff to have fun and benefit the community outside of work.

Nonprofit Partnerships

We help our Nonprofit Partners share and expand their mission.


We develop relationships with nonprofit organizations whose focus or mission directly benefits the Seattle community. We help our Nonprofit Partners share their mission, expand their audience, and we support the efforts of the wonderful work they are doing in Seattle. 

Fundraising Events 

I mean, who doesn’t like a good party?


We produce unexpected fundraising events that show Seattleites that attending a charitable event is super fun, effective, and something anyone can do (not just those with large bank accounts). Throughout the year we produce a variety of events and work with our nonprofit partners to help them with theirs.


We began as a blog about things to do in Seattle.