Honk! Fest West

Mission: HONK! Fest West is a grass roots, non-profit, music festival. Completely volunteer planned, organized, and performed, HONK! Festivals are a part of a global renaissance of community street band culture. For three days in Seattle area parks and streets, 25+ bands deliver music and celebration that is completely free and family-friendly.

HONK! festivals are a different sort of music festival. These festivals are part of a global renaissance of community street band culture providing music by the people for the people. We at HONK! Fest West are thrilled to be a local mainstay of this musical renaissance. HONK! Fest West 2016’s mission is to celebrate community music in the public spaces of Seattle with free fanfare performances representing diverse musical influences. Like all HONK! festivals, HONK! Fest West is family friendly and always free to the public.

Category: Arts, Culture & Humanities


Events We Have Partnered On:

Neighborhood Expo - April 6, 2016

Other Ways to Get Involved:

Housing - We have over 200 bands members visiting from out of town, and they will each need a place to rest and freshen up for a few nights. Hosting a band in your home is one of the best and most helpful ways to be involved with our community festival. While we can’t offer any compensation, we can guarantee that the friendships and memories you make with your guests will be treasured for years to come.

Transportation - The festival events are in Capitol Hill, Fremont, and Columbia City, but some band members and their instruments will need transportation to and from the event sites and homes. You must be at least 25 and have a valid, state-issued driver’s license and current insurance.

Street Team - We are looking for some pavement pounders to help us get the word out among local businesses and residents. This task involves distributing posters, fliers, and information during one of several excursions, and ongoing promotion of the festival through word of mouth.

Hospitality - We’re already receiving outstanding food support from local businesses, but with so many hungry musicians about, we’ll need a few extra hands helping us dish out the goods.

Staging - The staging crews are where the action (and the music!) is. As a staging volunteer, you’ll be helping folks maximize their enjoyment at one or more of the sets. Primary responsibilities include soliciting donations from the crowd, handing out schedules and maps, providing information, assisting bands with finding their stages, and running messages. We will also need a few volunteers to help direct the bands to their stages and make sure things stay on schedule. If you’re well organized and love music, let us know!

Not sure where you best fit in? Don’t let that stop you from participating in what is sure to be a grandly rewarding experience!