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Innocence Project Northwest

Mission: Innocence Project Northwest provides legal and investigative services to Washington prisoners seeking to prove their innocence. Through education and advocacy, IPNW works to prevent future wrongful convictions and encourage support for exonerees as they rebuild their lives in freedom.

Category: Human Rights

Nationally, 2075 people have been exonerated after serving over 18,000 years for crimes they did not commit. In Washington, 46 people have been exonerated after serving over 225 years in prison. Seattle is home to the third innocence organization in the US and the only organization of its kind in Washington State. Innocence Project Northwest (“IPNW”) was founded 20 years ago by Jackie McMurtrie at University of Washington School of Law. Largely funded by private support, we work to free innocent Washington prisoners and effect policy reforms to prevent wrongful convictions in our criminal justice system. In the last 20 years IPNW has freed 14 men and women who collectively spent more than 100 years in prison for crimes they did not commit.

Other Ways to Get Involved:

Innocence Project Northwest is a lean organization - we receive over 500 applications for assistance every year and we only have a team of 7 staff members and attorneys who work to review and investigate those cases, affect policy reform, and guide and instruct law students who work on cases.

People can get involved by helping to raise awareness of our work in the community through events and social media outreach and raise funds to help us free more innocent prisoners. Individuals with legal backgrounds are welcome to participate in case reviews.