Marketshare Seattle


Mission: To create community spaces that incubate and celebrate immigrant entrepreneurship through food

Vision:  A world where every culture is celebrated and every community is empowered through food

Category: Immigrant & Refugee Communities


MarketShare was born from the desire to build a market of unique culinary experiences, while empowering immigrant and refugee communities and ultimately promoting social cohesion. 

While working as a community organizer in some of Seattle’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, their founder began dreaming about a street food market that could showcase the flavors of our globally represented community. Observing the burgeoning foodie movement, they quickly realized that people are hungry for authentic experiences and culinary offerings similar to those seen on popular shows like, Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, that feature food-focused exploration of the planet. 

Seattle, our neighbors come from around the world and bring with them all the unique flavors of their culinary backgrounds. A single Seattle ZIP code, 98118, was recognized by the 2010 US Census as one of the most diverse in America, with at least 59 languages spoken. This level of diversity provides an opportunity for intercultural exchange and dialogue, and what better way to do so than through the universal language of food? By sharing authentic cuisines from all around the world, it is their hope that these immigrant and refugee owned food businesses become platforms that promote intercultural appreciation and understanding.

Projects We Have Partnered On:
Volunteer Capacity Building Pilot Program - 2017

Other Ways to Get Involved:
VOLUNTEER - Everyone has special skills and talents and they'll always find a way to add you to the mix! 

DONATE - MarketShare will be sustainable once the market opens, but for now, they need your help to keep the lights on!

CONNECT - Know someone you think would be interested in their work? We love meeting new people!

CHAMPION - Help them spread the word about their movement!

EAT - Get excited for this market, tell your friends, and when opening day arrives, get your grub on!