The Ninkasi Better Living Room


Throughout history there have been many great duos. Batman + Robin... Thelma + Louise... Sonny + Cher... Bert + Ernie... William + Kate..

But who would have thought a nonprofit and a beer company could make a great pair?

Ninkasi + TWIF

After several years of working together we acknowledged that although our missions and industries were vastly different, our purposes aligned. Ninkasi's mission to "Perpetuate Better Living" and our mission to engage the community almost seem like they were meant to be one of those famous duos. Since Hall and Oats already beat us to making dreams come true, we had to come up with something different.

2015-05-24 20.03.22.jpg

And with that, the Ninkasi Better Living Room was formed as a meeting space not just to serve the purposes of The World is Fun, but the Seattle community as a whole. The Ninkasi Better Living Room is a gathering space available to nonprofits, community groups, and other organizations to meet, greet, networks and grow. A space to have fun and a space to encourage new and exciting ways of making Seattle a better place to live.


Now that's something worth singing about.

That's the Ninkasi Better Living Room.