Become a Nonprofit Partner

We have over 5,000 volunteers that we want to connect with you.

We develop relationships with organizations whose focus or mission directly benefits the Seattle community. If that’s you, let’s team up! We help our Nonprofit Partners share their mission and support the efforts of the wonderful work they are doing in the Seattle community.

Who we work with:
Our Nonprofit Partners are comprised of 501(c)(3) organizations who contribute to the Seattle community.

In an effort to be inclusive to any and all who want to volunteer, we do not work with organization that are religious or political.

Some of the ways we support our Nonprofit Partners include:

Website listings: Our nonprofit partners receive a listing on our website that gives our audience a clear picture of how they can get involved with your organization. This listing will also link to your organization's website. Our website receives visits from 4,000+ volunteers a month looking to connect with organizations just like yours.

Volunteer Support: If you have a volunteer opportunity that fits within our mission, we may be able to organize a volunteer group for you. We typically seek group volunteer opportunities for groups of 10 or more volunteers. This is not a guaranteed perk for our Nonprofit Partners but we work exclusively with our partners when choosing the volunteer events that we organize.

Event Production: The World is Fun started out of events and has the event professionals and resources to help you with your organization's next event. Our Events Team is available for hire at great rates to our Nonprofit Partners.

The App: In the 3rd Quarter of 2017 we will be releasing a mobile App and PR campaign to help our nonprofit partners to connect with volunteers and donors in the Seattle area. Participation for our Nonprofit Partners registered before July is free.

Community Connections: We love to combine the mission of our Nonprofit Partners with the passion of our Community Partners. Our Volunteer Coordination Team schedules corporate groups for Team Building Volunteer opportunities and we are always looking for new offerings for those groups!

Nonprofit Partner costs:

Currently partnership for qualified 501(c)(3) organizations is free.  

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