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Northwest Parkinson's Foundation

Mission: Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation was founded in 1998 to help establish optimal quality of life for the Northwest Parkinson’s community through awareness, education, advocacy, and care. They strive to reach all 100,000 people affected by Parkinson’s disease throughout the Northwest through every stage of the disease – from carepartners to young-onset patients, they’re working to create targeted programming for all Parkinson’s needs.


NW Parkinson’s Foundation achieves their mission through many programs that support specialty care, produce and distribute free educational resources, host Parkinson’s community events, raise awareness of Parkinson's disease, and develop self-care tools. Their Social Services Manager guides those affected by Parkinson’s one-on-one, personalizing care to suit their needs. The Community Engagement Specialist creates programs that transform the way people live with Parkinson’s, from the newly-debuted Art and Movement Symposium to educational HOPE Conferences®. NWPF works with local communities of all sizes to identify and meet gaps in necessary services, advocating for specialized medical care and vital legislation.

No one in the Northwest should take their Parkinson's journey alone.

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Other Ways to Get Involved: NW Parkinson's staff is supported in their mission by a large pool of dedicated volunteers. Their volunteers include people from the Parkinson’s community and the general population. They interview potential volunteers about their strengths and what they're less comfortable with and formulate a service plan based on those findings - everything from board engagement to helping with mailings to photographing their events.