Operation Warm

Mission: They provide brand-new winter coats to children in need, helping improve self-confidence, peer acceptance, school attendance, and overall wellness—because they believe a new winter coat can provide more than just warmth.

Their mission is to provide hope, happiness, and warmth through the gift of brand new winter coats. They are not a coat drive; rather they work directly with manufacturers to create their own line of carefully crafted, kid friendly coats. By creating their own coats they control the quality and cost, and ensure our brand new winter coats become a daily pride and joy for children in need. Many of the children they serve rarely feel the emotion associated with receiving something brand new that no one has previously owned before. Inside each coat is a permanent label that says, “Made Just for You!”

Help them staff our high energy, high impact coat giving events at elementary schools in your area. Work with other volunteers to give the gifts of warmth, confidence, and hope as students try on and select a colorful, kid-friendly coat to call their own. They serve approximately 500 children living in need at each one of our coat giving events.

Category: Kids

Ways to Get Involved:
Volunteer recruitment begins in April to plan for the 2018-2019 season.

Operation Warm have two volunteer initiatives :


1) Their new Volunteer Brigade – an opportunity for local individuals, small offices, or social organization teams to join them at one of their corporate sponsored events in support roles. There is no fee associated with this opportunity, and they can typically accommodate up to four volunteers at each event. This is also a great option for employees looking to use paid volunteer hour benefits or Dollars for Doers programs. Their online application and event registration system can be found here: 


2) Their Corporate Employee Volunteer Program – an opportunity for a sponsoring company to bring up to 50 of their employees to a coat giving event at a local elementary school. Approximately 500 children are served during a typical four hour event (8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon). Sponsoring companies may request a beneficiary, or choose from a list of beneficiaries pre-vetted by the Event Management team at Operation Warm. A sponsorship donation ranges from $10,000-20,000.