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Our Team


We have a true passion for Seattle.

Our volunteer staff is comprised of awesome individuals that contribute an estimated 8-10 hours per month to making Seattle a fantastic place to live.

Volunteer Staff

Board of Directors

Volunteer Staff Positions

Volunteer Staff member positions require a commitment of only 8-10 hours per month for a minimum of one year. We offer a lot of flexibility in when and how you complete those hours and many of the tasks and responsibilities can be done remotely, working online, at a time that is convenient for you. These positions do require mandatory attendance at a monthly team meeting (usually held on Monday or Tuesday evenings). These positions are 100% volunteer with no financial compensation. 

+ Board Member

The World is Fun is growing and we are looking for awesome people, just like you, to join our Board of Directors. Our mission is to get people involved in giving back to the Seattle community and our volunteer staff makes this all possible.

As a Board Member, you’ll be guiding our volunteer-run organization’s path as we enter our 10th year serving the Seattle community. Members of our Board of Directors oversee these three duties:

Duty of Care: Take care of the nonprofit by ensuring prudent use of all assets, including facility, people, and goodwill;

Duty of Loyalty: Ensure that the nonprofit's activities and transactions are, first and foremost, advancing its mission; Recognize and disclose conflicts of interest; Make decisions that are in the best interest of the nonprofit

Duty of Obedience: Ensure that the nonprofit obeys applicable laws and regulations; follows its own bylaws; and that the nonprofit adheres to its stated corporate purposes/mission.

In addition to the duty’s listed above, our Board Members take specific roles within our organization. We have the following roles available:

  • Fundraising
  • Fundraising Team Director
  • Human Resources Team Director
  • Tech Team Director
  • Volunteer Leadership Director
  • Public Relations Team Director
  • Visual Media Team Director
  • Brand Director

Our Board of Directors meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at 8pm in Ballard.

Board Members commit to 8-10 flexible hours per month.

What You'll Have

  • Writing and storytelling skills
  • An interest in the Seattle Community
  • The ability to meet deadlines and work on a team

+ Community Manager

Team: Communications

What It Is: An opportunity to guide our MeetUp community by keeping them informed, responding to questions, creating strategic communications plans, welcoming new community members and generally keeping our community members engaged.

What You'll Do

  • Ensure the community is aware of all current events and goings-on at The World is Fun
  • Maintain social outreach for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities
  • Create an outreach and community curation strategy to ensure retention and value for our 4000+ MeetUp community members
  • Assist members in registering for events if needed

What You'll Have

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of MeetUp
  • Desire to be the connector and manage and engage a community

+ Events Coordinator

Team: Events

What It Is: An opportunity to be on an active events team that produces FUNdraising events for The World is Fun. These events range from neighborhood scavenger hunts to large community festivals.

What You'll Do

  • Develop/Explore ideas for new fundraising events
  • Identify, recruit, cultivate, and nurture corporate sponsors, committee members and volunteers
  • Network with volunteers and major donors
  • Plan, implement, and attend events
  • Maintain efficient record-keeping systems, including databases

What You'll Have

  • Strong project management skills working in team environment
  • Strong interpersonal skills (verbal and written)

+ Graphic Designer

Team: Creative

What It Is: Graphic Designers create and update physical and online materials for showcasing The World is Fun's identity and the organization's programs, projects, and events.

What You'll Do

  • Design and update print materials
  • Create visual assets for our website
  • Create marketing pieces for the organization as needed
  • Design for event needs such as posters, signage, banners, etc.
  • Create swag items for the TWIF community to enjoy

What You'll Have

  • An eye for clean design
  • The ability to follow brand guidelines
  • Advanced knowledge and access to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • A drive to meet deadlines
  • The ability to receive and respond to feedback

+ Human Resources Coordinator

Team: Human Resources

What It Is: An opportunity to support The World is Fun in developing and maintaining a solid foundation of volunteer staff members.

What You'll Do

  • Screen resumes, coordinate interviews, and send offer letters
  • Create or update position descriptions as needed
  • Conduct new employee orientations, ensuring all necessary forms and documents are completed and returned
  • Develop strategies for staff retention including the coordination of staff events throughout the year
  • Assist the Human Resources Director with the development and implementation of training programs

What You'll Have

  • Strong project management skills working in a team environment
  • Excellent interpersonal skills (verbal and written)
  • A strong desire to build an engaged volunteer staff community

+ Newsletter Editor

Team: Communications

What It Is: An opportunity to curate content and write TWIF’s email newsletters.

What You'll Do

  • Develop content for TWIF’s newsletters
  • Work with other teams to determine messaging needs
  • Plan, implement, and send email newsletters
  • Maintain efficient record-keeping systems, including databases

What You'll Have

  • An interest in email marketing
  • Strong project management skills working in team environment
  • Strong interpersonal skills (verbal and written)
  • Knowledge of email marketing preferred

+ Nonprofit Liaison

Team: Volunteer Engagement

What It Is: The Nonprofit Liaison will support The World is Fun’s mission in helping our Nonprofit Partners share their mission. The Nonprofit Liaison will work closely with our 140+ Nonprofit Partners in Seattle to expand our partnership offerings, manage our partner relations and set up volunteer opportunities.

What You'll Do

  • Identify, cultivate and sustain relationships that fit with The World is Fun’s mission
  • Work closely with our Volunteer Coordinators to identify volunteer needs
  • Find new ways to engage TWIF in the community
  • Prepare monthly outreach to our Nonprofit Partners

What You'll Have

  • Strong project management skills
  • Great relationship-building skills

+ Photographer

Team: Visual Media

What It Is: TWIF Photographers will generate visual content from our events. You will be attending our events (don’t worry, we don’t expect you to be at all of them) and capture the essence of the event in photos.

What You'll Do

  • Attends events as scheduled - you choose the events that work for you
  • Create professional and interesting content to help increase awareness about our organization

What You'll Have

  • In-depth understanding of event photography
  • Ability to capture the moment and feel of our various events
  • Your own equipment

Time Commitment Our photographers attend one meeting a quarter and choose the events and projects that they would like to work on.

+ Public Relations Coordinator

Team: Communications

What It Is: You will be responsible for sharing The World is Fun’s mission with Seattle.

What You'll Do

  • Writing and copyediting of press releases, media pitches, and general short-form content for use on website, event materials, pamphlets, social media, etc.
  • Contributing to team meetings on upcoming happenings that need PR support, providing unique and fresh ideas to further garner TWIF media and public attention.
  • Working directly with media to coordinate and secure interviews, photo-ops, appearances, etc.
  • Work together with fellow TWIF leaders and staff to determine scope of work and corresponding needs for various projects.
  • Actively pursue PR opportunities for TWIF outside of one-off projects or events, keeping tabs on editorial calendar opportunities, local opportunities, bylines, etc.
  • Study the objectives, promotional policies and needs of TWIF to develop PR strategies that will influence public opinion or promote ideas, products and services.

What You'll Have

  • Ability to write well in many different facets, most importantly press releases and media pitches, understanding and utilizing proper AP style.
  • Ability to turn multiple pieces of information into easily understandable, all-encompassing and fun content that is on-message and on-mission.
  • Ability to act professionally and respectfully with media persons and represent TWIF and its mission accurately.
  • Knowledge of media production, communication, and dissemination techniques and methods. This includes alternative ways to inform and entertain via written, oral, and visual media.
  • Ability to work in a team atmosphere and contribute ideas confidently.

+ Social Media Content Manager

Team: Communications

What It Is: An opportunity to create professional and interesting content to keep our followers engaged and to help increase awareness about our organization.

What You'll Do

  • Craft compelling and engaging content to be published on our social channels across Facebook and Twitter
  • Select engaging imagery and appropriately craft accompanying messaging to drive engagement on Instagram
  • Publish content that reaches an audience of 19,000 people
  • Maintain event posting for events and volunteer opportunities
  • Work as part of a team to curate the social media calendar
  • Support a unified content strategy across the team
  • Engage with and build followers of the organization
  • Track statistics monthly
  • Attend team meetings and support mission of engaging Seattleites online and in the community

What You'll Have

  • Ability to create engaging copy
  • Familiarity with Facebook Pages and Event Listings
  • An advanced understanding of social media

+ Volunteer Leadership Program Coordinator

Team: Volunteer Leadership Program

What It Is: An opportunity to enroll students to our Volunteer Leadership Program and ensure their success along the way.

What You'll Do

  • Recruit new students for our Volunteer Leadership Program
  • Ensure students have the tools, access, and information that they need
  • Assist the Volunteer Leadership Program Trainers
  • Connect students to volunteer opportunities
  • Make sure the students complete their course requirements and get their certificate in the end

What You'll Have

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Precise organizational skills
  • Desire to be the connector and help people be successful in the program