Path With Art

Path with Art

Mission: Path with Art transforms the lives of people recovering from homelessness, addiction, and other trauma by harnessing the power of creative engagement as a bridge to community and a path to stability

Category: Arts, Culture & Humanities



Path with Art serves low-to-no income adults in recovery from domestic abuse, homelessness, addiction, mental illness, and other trauma who are working to rebuild their lives. Their students are referred to them by over 30 social service “partners”. They have grown from serving 174 students in 2012 to over 600 students in 2017.

Formed in Seattle in 2008, the Path with Art model is now being sought after by communities nationwide. Path with Art serves their participants at no cost to them or their partner organizations through:

• Arts education- across a variety of mediums taught by award winning teaching artists - from printmaking to Shakespeare. They even have a choir.
• Public exhibitions and performances - Their student's work has been showcased at Path with Art exhibitions and performances from the Washington State Convention Center and City Hall to Seattle Art Museum and the Seattle Symphony.
• Access Art - guided trips and tickets to museums and civic arts institutions. These include trips to the Opera, the Symphony, Seattle Shakespeare Company and the Seattle Art Museum. 
• Community Connections- Path with Art facilitates place-based arts engagement opportunities between disparate communities to foster better understanding such as the Painting and Poetry in the Parks workshop run in Occidental Park for three years now in partnership with the Downtown Seattle Association.

Other Ways to Get Involved:

Volunteer Opportunities

Creative Mentors (Classroom Assistants) - Creative Mentors help Teaching Artists set up/break down, connect with and assist students, take photographs, take attendance, and generally model good behavior. Creative Mentors commit to volunteering for the entire duration of an 8-week class. Classes typically meet on weekday afternoons for 2-3 hours.

Photographers: Access Art and Classes - Photographers visit each PwA class once/term to document the in-class process, and visit Access Art once/quarter to document the art viewing/absorbing process. Photographers commit to volunteering for a one-year period.

Photographers: Exhibition Openings, Showcases, Special Events and Cataloguing - Photographers document PwA’s exhibition openings, showcases, and special events, as well as catalogue student artwork. Photographers commit to volunteering for a one-year period.

Administrative Assistants - Administrative Assistants help PwA staff input donor and student information, maintain database, process documents, develop reports, perform research, mail print materials, provide logistical support, etc. Administrative Assistants commit to volunteering approximately 5 hours a week for a minimum of six months.

Access Art Volunteers - Access Art Volunteers lead students on Access Art excursions. They work with PwA’s Program Administrator to coordinate Access Art events, take attendance, and attend/act as the point person at Access Art events. They take photographs at each event, which they pass along to the Program Administrator. Access Art Volunteers commit to assisting with at least one Access Art excursion/month for a one-year period. Access Art events typically take place on weekday afternoons or evenings.

Special Events/Distribution - Distribute class brochures/promotional materials, provide support at Path with Art public events (greet attendees, seat attendees, physical assistance, etc.), assist with exhibition set up/transportation/break down. Special Events Volunteers commit to assisting at events/with distribution at least twice over a one-year period.