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Photographic Center Northwest

Mission: Photographic Center Northwest facilitates creation, conversations and experiences of significant photography.

Goal: Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) is an educational institution dedicated to facilitating creation, conversations, and experiences of significant photography. Through their certificate program in fine art photography, exhibitions, and an array of public programming we foster dialogue in the region through the global language of today.

Their school serves students of all levels with a full range of coursework in film and digital media, and a rigorous certificate program encompassing theory, aesthetics, and technical mastery. PCNW provides its students and the community with resources that include gallery spaces, darkrooms, studios, a digital lab and library. Through exhibitions, lectures, scholarships, and outreach projects, PCNW provides access to the photographic arts, to professional and amateur photographers, and to the public at large.

Category: Arts, Culture and Humanities.

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Ways to Get Involved:


Volunteering at Photo Center NW offers opportunities to connect with the photography community, learn new skills, build your résumé and connections, and to support a non-profit arts center. They love their volunteers!

Their volunteers help them keep their doors open to hundreds of artists, students, members, and community groups annually. Each and every volunteer is folded into their community through use of their facilities, through social events, and being involved in their ongoing public programming. Volunteering at PCNW is a great opportunity, they thank you for considering this important role. Volunteers must be 18 or older to apply.

-Shifts are short (4.5 hours) and as little as one day/week
-It’s a 10-week, quarterly commitment
-Free facility usage 1 day per week (Paper and ink fees still apply)
-Free facility week at the end of each quarter (Paper and ink fees still apply)

PCNW Cleaning Crew
Do you ever get that bug to organize and clean something? Join the Thursday morning cleaning crew and help them keep our darkrooms, labs and classrooms fresh & tidy. The least glamorous, but most fun volunteer opportunity. Pick up a mop or broom, turn on the tunes and help beautify PCNW. Minimum commitment: 2 hours.

Analog Darkroom & Studio Monitor
Looking to learn more about setting up a darkroom? Their darkroom monitors mix and check the chemistry, set up the enlargers, and become familiar with the various lenses and equipment required in image making. They are immersed in the community and have the opportunity to learn from and help other people who are passionate about the darkroom. (3-4.5 hr per week)

Digital Lab Monitor
Monitors in the digital lab are trained to operate and calibrate the large format printers and monitors. Their role is to help facilitate creation for members and students using the computers and scanners, as well as printing their final works. Digital lab monitors learn a unique set of skills that can help improve their knowledge of digital mediums and the translation to physical form. Basic skills with Adobe Photoshop and Mac platforms is required. (3-4.5 hr per week)

Gallery Program Volunteer
Work with their gallery coordinator as we hang a new show. Learn how to handle works of art and different techniques for hanging pieces. This job includes prepping and painting the gallery walls, unpacking and tracking artwork, installation layout, and applying wall signage. Being a gallery volunteer helps you to gain a well-rounded idea of what happens behind the scenes and the amount of work and passion that goes into PCNW. Training is provided. Minimum commitment: 3-6 hours. Exhibitions rotate approximately every 6-12 weeks.

Event Volunteer
Do you have event experience and are interested in joining a fast paced planning process and hard working group of staff, board members, and volunteers? Consider volunteering for their two major annual events – Long Shot and our annual benefit auction. We are looking for volunteers who can be positive, pro-active, connected team members to help with anything and everything!

Volunteer Photographer/Videographer
Help them capture the community at their events and gallery receptions. Take installation shots of their exhibitions and facilities. They seek individuals with a creative eye that can help them produce content for effective marketing, cultivation and grant proposals.

Applications available online. www.Pcnw.org/volunteer 
Contact: Ann Pallesen|Partnerships Manager apallesen@pcnw.org