Puget Soundkeeper

Mission: Puget Soundkeeper’s mission is to protect and preserve the waters of Puget Sound.

To accomplish this mission, Soundkeeper works to strengthen water quality protections while simultaneously involving Puget Sound residents in active cleanup and proactive pollution prevention solutions.

Category: Environment

As one of the nation’s leading citizen advocates, Soundkeeper has filed over 160 Clean Water Act enforcement cases and has a nearly 100% success record. Soundkeeper’s settlements typically result in accelerated compliance measures including new implementation of, or upgrades to, stormwater and wastewater treatment systems as well as monetary contributions to the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment. As a result, Soundkeeper’s enforcement team has awarded over $4.1 million to third party restoration, education and water quality mitigation projects to heal the damage in the affected watershed and provide an incentive for future compliance. Soundkeeper does not receive any settlement money from Clean Water Act cases.

We also know that much of Puget Sound’s problems can be stopped at the source by engaging the people and businesses in our community – after all, Puget Sound is where we all work, live and play. We invite you to join us on a weekly kayak or boat patrol, at a beach cleanup, or to attend another of our frequent events. With us, you will learn about local water quality issues and what you can do to prevent pollution, as well as experience Puget Sound from an on-the-water perspective.

Events We Have Partnered On:

Arboretum Canoe Clean Up - August 13, 2016
Arboretum Shore Clean Up - August 13, 2016
Lake Union Kayak Cleanup - July 5, 2016
Lake Union Shore Cleanup - July 5, 2016
Salmon Bay Cleanup - June 4, 2016

Other Ways to Get Involved:

  • Volunteer to be involved in regular kayak and boat patrols
  • Sign up for beach cleanups