ROOTS Young Adult Shelter

Mission: ROOTS Young Adult Shelter builds community and fosters dignity through access to essential services and a safe place to sleep for young adults experiencing homelessness.

Category: Homelessness


ROOTS is a young adult shelter located in University District, Seattle, that is almost entirely volunteer run. We serve 18-25 year olds, we are open 365 days a year, and host up to 45 guests per night. We aim to have at least one volunteer for every 3 guests, every night of the week. Our volunteers are one of the most important components of the social services we provide, because the meaningful connections that are made with guests can make a greater impact than any other service we offer. Homelessness is often incredibly isolating, and the consistent human connection that occurs within our shelter space tends to positively influence other areas of our guests’ lives.

Ways to Get Involved:

We have a number of volunteer roles, including:

  • Evening and morning volunteers

  • Dinner and breakfast team volunteers

  • Administrative volunteers

We encourage a minimum 6 month commitment, because consistency within our volunteer team can tend to positively impact other areas of our guests' lives. We also welcome volunteer groups to complete one-off volunteer projects within our shelter space.