Sound Generations

Mission: to promote the emotional, social and physical well-being of older adults through a network of community connections and services.

Vision: They envision a just society where aging adults and those who care about them can live their best lives. In our healthy community, empowered elders who need help will know where to find information, advice and support. Those who can will offer support and experience a greater sense of purpose as they connect with meaningful service opportunities. They are building programs that include and engage older people and those who love them in an interdependent community. A special responsibility for bringing this vision to reality is theirs as the premier provider, promoter and champion for improving the lives of older adults.

Category: Seniors

Other Ways to Get Involved:

There are many opportunities to get involved with Sound Generations and help strengthen support for older adults and adults with disabilities in King County. Whether making a financial gift or sharing your time on behalf of the people they serve, you can be sure that you’re improving the lives of your fellow community members.

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