Sustainable Ballard

Mission: Sustainable Ballard, a blueprint for Everytown, USA, educates, inspires, and engages neighbors to take action to live more sustainably both individually and collectively. Their vision is an inclusive, joyful, sustainable community co-creating a world for this and future generations where eco-systems are healthy and peace is inevitable.

Category: Community Development


Sustainable Ballard was formed in 2003. They were the first neighborhood sustainability group in Seattle and a founding organization of SCALLOPS (Sustainable Communities All Over Puget Sound). They’ve gained local, national and international recognition for our grassroots approach to community action addressing climate change.

The goal of Sustainable Ballard is to help prepare the community to sustain and thrive in a post-peak-oil future, by supporting and inspiring each other to build a healthy and joyful life that is environmentally, socially and personally sustainable. To achieve this resiliency, they believe some key ingredients are:

  • Getting connected with our neighbors to strengthen the social fabric of the community
  • Learning new skills
  • Getting educated on sustainability related matters
  • Building a local food supply and a local economy
  • Sharing resources

They invite all of their Ballard neighbors and friends to become more connected with others and the community by participating in Sustainable Ballard activities, including learning opportunities, community service, resource sharing, social events, and more. When we engage, we become part of creating the thriving community and lifestyle we want and need.

Other Ways to Get Involved:

  • Volunteer with the annual Festival, their largest event.
  • Volunteer with standing teams responsible for oversight and maintenance of their organizational structure, administrative functions, programs and events.
  • Volunteer with occasional events and activities.