Team Survivor Northwest

Mission: Provide a broad range of fitness and health education programs to enable women cancer survivors, in any stage of treatment or recovery and at any fitness level, to take an active role in their ongoing physical and emotional healing.

Category: Health

Recovering from cancer is a fragile time in a person’s life. Chemo, radiation and other cancer treatments wreak havoc on the body resulting in altered physical appearance as well as decreased stamina and strength. Combined, these often leave survivors feeling vulnerable. Team Survivor Northwest has found that women are much more inclined to show up and participate in fitness programs with other women who have been through similar body changes and experiences. As a female only organization they ensure that women cancer survivors feel welcomed and safe during this fragile time in their life.

Ways to Get Involved:

Thousands of women cancer survivors have participated in TSNW’s free fitness and health education programs. Team Survivor Northwest programs are open to all women with a past or present diagnosis of cancer. Members range in age from twenty to eighty. Participants are as varied as the activities they enjoy, but they are all bound by the common desire to take an active role in their physical and emotional well-being.