Volunteer Leadership Program

A Volunteer Leadership Program designed to provide you with the skills and tools needed to recruit, retain and manage volunteers.

Our Volunteer Leadership Program was developed from an internal six month training program used to train our TWIF Leads that guide our volunteer events. After acknowledging we bring a new perspective to volunteer management, we decided we had too much information not to share and this program is now available on a national level to Volunteer Managers everywhere. 

This course will cover 6 parts on Volunteer Management:

  • Part 1 covers the History of Volunteerism, how it started in America, political and technical changes that have affected the way we volunteer, and the importance volunteerism plays in community.

  • Part 2 is all about On-site Volunteer Management. In this section, we cover how to work with groups of volunteers to ensure that the nonprofits needs are met while the volunteers have a great time.

  • Part 3 is focused on Storytelling. It's a critical driver to nonprofits spreading their mission and telling their unique story. Storytelling is a culture building phenomena that has been going on since language first began. When we share stories, people bond, barriers dissolve, and connections are made. Nonprofits can leverage storytelling to create mission evangelists.

  • Part 4 is about Volunteer Retention. We want volunteers to have a great experience. This will ensure that they will volunteer again and again with the organization. In this section we will look at retention strategies to gather feedback, empower and educate volunteers, and play to their strengths and interests.

  • Part 5 covers Volunteer Recruitment. In this section, we'll look at best practices for volunteer recruitment and talk about how to find volunteers for your organization. This includes developing recruitment materials, setting clear expectations, and determining what roles are appropriate for volunteers.

  • In our 6th and final part, we'll cover some more advanced topics like working with volunteer groups, dealing with varied personalities, skill-based volunteering, and court-ordered community service.


This course is available in two formats:


Six Week Online Program

This program is designed for Volunteer Managers, Coordinators and other nonprofit professionals to help them gain deeper insight to volunteer management practices and truly understand what motivates volunteers and how to recruit and retain them.

All coursework is completed online and can be done on a flexible schedule. Each week, a new training module will be released for completion. We suggest that students participating in this program plan to volunteer at least three times during this six week period so they can experience these practices in action. 

This program has open enrollment and students can start at any time and should expect around 20 hours to complete the course over the six week period.. While enrolled in the program, you will also receive weekly group consulting to help you resolve all of your volunteer management questions.

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Six Month Seattle Hands-On Program

This program has been designed for civic-minded Seattleites that want to lead groups of volunteers in the Seattle area. While this program provides the same online content as our six week program, this program provides real life experiences as you will also work up to leading your own events gaining first hand experience.

In addition to the online content and first hand event experience, you will also have a monthly in-person class so you can collaborate with your cohorts and share experiences. Students should plan to spend around 55 hours to complete the course over the six month period.

This program starts on the first month of every quarter (January, April, July, October). Students must enroll in advance of the class and complete the following prerequisites before the first class: recent volunteer activity, orientation and training at TWIF HQ.



Interested in attending the Six Month Seattle Hands-On Program but do not have the funds? We offer a limited number of scholarships with each cohort for individuals that want to get involved in the Seattle community. We do not offer scholarships for our Six Week Online Program at this time. Want to know more? Email us at vlp@theworldisfun.org.