Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy

Mission: To ensure that all children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders & other developmental disabilities have every opportunity to thrive and become productive members of society. We do this by helping families access ASD & DD health insurance benefits, effective services in schools, and supportive community-based services, regardless of their personal financial situation.

Category: People with Disabilities

Other Ways to Get Involved:

The generous donations of time and talent from our dedicated volunteers are instrumental in helping WAAA continue its work. It is only with your unwavering support that they are able to help children and adults with ASD to thrive and succeed in life.

Even with the tremendous support from their generous team of volunteers, there is still much more work to do. Many of their member families don’t qualify for any social services or aid. They have to pay out of pocket for the therapies their children desperately need. That leaves them few resources for trained childcare to provide a much needed respite. Volunteers help bridge that gap. They offer a variety of opportunities where you can contribute your time and talents.

Work with the kids and their families:
Friendship Matters. Join with a dynamic group of volunteers and behavioral health and social skills coaches to bring supported social and recreational programs (indoor and outdoor) to children, youth, and adolescents with autism. This program restores a crucial sense of normalcy and shared joy and respect for teens with autism who struggle with friendships. 

Aspire Girls. Girls with ASD need to socialize with girls their own age so they can learn to interact positively and relate through play, exploring common interests, and just being girls. The nature of ASD can make these activities more difficult without extra support and guidance.  Aspire Girls of the Puget Sound is a social group for girls with an autism spectrum disorder ages 8 to 16 years old. 

Gift of Time. Become a volunteer mentor to promote socially significant interaction between children and teens with autism, either in group events or individualized, in-home sessions. You can help improve participants’ leisure skills and provide families with much needed respite. 

Work with WAAA staff:
Administrative Assistance (office work). If you’re a self-directed taskmaster looking to volunteer your time to make a difference in the lives of those with ASD, they want to hear from you.

Social Media Marketing. Apply your well-honed social media skills to working with their special programs coordinator in developing and implementing PR strategies for WAAA via social networking websites. You will be responsible for creating professional and interesting content to increase awareness about the organization and keep their followers engaged.

Resource Development. Assist WAAA in bolstering resources to allow WAAA to continue serving children, adolescents, and adults with autism and their families, at no charge. Assist in fundraising events and resource fairs, and develop fundraising activities to raise awareness and financial support for the WAAA mission.