Mission: Zeno's mission is to increase children’s competence and confidence in math with fun and engaging activities. They serve early learners and elementary school aged children in communities furthest from opportunity.


Category: Education

At Zeno we inspire kids to love math! Their vision is a world where everyone knows they can do math.

Zeno is about the infinite possibilities that arise from an individual’s relationship with math. The name ‘Zeno’ honors Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea – one of the first people to talk about the concept of infinity. They believe that when math is engaging, fun and accessible it can have a transformational impact on a person’s life.

Other Ways to Get Involved:

Zeno is always looking for volunteers to help bring families together through fun and playful math activities. They have various ways that people can get involved such as volunteering at one of their events!

Family Math Nights: At Zeno Family Math Events, families work together to build problem solving skills and math confidence. Parents attend a workshop to learn about and practice incorporating math concepts into everyday life while kids play a variety of board, card, and dice games. Their Family Math Events are designed as a first step in changing math attitudes in schools and at home. Volunteers help with set up/break down for the event and to play math games with kids!

Math + Science Mashups: Math + Science Mashup was developed by Zeno and Pacific Science Center to engage the student/adult audience in a themed activity program that demonstrates the fundamental role math and science has in everyday life. They transform cafeterias, gyms, and community rooms so that children and parents can play math games together. Volunteers will jump in with extra sets of hands to help with set up/break down for the event and to play math games with kids!

Early Learning Game Builds: Game builds are perfect for corporate groups! Through their partnership with United Way's home-visiting program, Zeno delivers math games to early learners in communities of greatest need so that they can arrive to Kindergarten ready to love math. Volunteers help assemble hundreds of math games and prepare them for delivery.